Who we are

Passionate about providing excellent value for money

As specialists in Unit4’s ERP suite of products Vision ERP has quickly gained a reputation of being able to complete projects to a customer’s satisfaction. On several occasions, we have been contracted to turn around struggling projects and ensure success is prised from the jaws of failure.

This reputation is based not only on a solid knowledge of all modules of Unit4 ERP and technical expertise, but also on our open, honest and approachable nature. Each member of the Vision ERP team, whether associate or member of staff, has been hand-picked for their specialist skills, knowledge and experience, as well as their ability to quickly mesh into a team and put customers at ease when on site.

Vison ERP is a flexible and dynamic organisation, with a strong focus on delivering excellent services and value for money to our customers. Every member of our team has a business background, and therefore understand the day to day challenges of our customer’s organisations. We can provide real world advice to assist you in leveraging maximum benefits from your investment in Unit4 ERP, as well as the associated processes around the system. While the majority of our customers reside in the Public Sector, we have also been able to help customers in the Private Sector. Their industries include Local Government, Higher Education, Charity and Nuclear.

Vision ERP is a UK grown company with our team based in locations across the country. We are proud to offer an alternative to the global consultancies and differentiate ourselves through our customer focus and business operating ethics. We understand and promote best practice whilst ensuring our solutions and services remain sensitive to a customer’s needs.

Unit4 Partnership

Delivering Unit4 ERP, FP&A & HCM

Vision ERP is proud to have been selected as a Unit4 preferred partner within 2 years of forming. This selection is based on our reputation within the market and our in-depth knowledge and experience of the Unit4 ERP solution. Our status as a preferred partner and the close working relationship that we have fostered with Unit4 enables us to coordinate with different elements of their organisation to obtain successful outcomes for our customers.

As UNIT4’s preferred partner we have extensive access to UNIT4 product knowledge base, roadmap and training. This privileged access ensure that all our consultants are kept up to date with the latest developments within the ERP product, through the mediums of product release notes and updated training from Unit4. This means that working with a Vision ERP consultant provides you with the same skill set as working with a Unit4 consultant. In addition to this Unit4 ERP specific knowledge, we ensure that our consultants are hand-picked from a business subject matter expert background which means that they understand the business logic behind the processes and functionality they are configuring on your behalf. This reduces solution deployment times as the consultant who is gathering and understanding the customers’ requirements is also the same person who will develop the solution, cutting out any steps in between and ensuring that sound business logic is at the core of our solutions.

Our Team

We only use the best

The core team individuals we have selected from our wider pool of resource to support customers in the delivery of their requirements each has a wealth of experience in their respective business area, as well as extensive knowledge of Unit4 ERP. Vision ERP fosters a spirit of teamwork and camaraderie amongst its employees and associates to ensure the team operates as dynamically and efficiently as possible.

Our agile approach to working and efficient use of days means that we will ensure that we have the capacity to deliver the requirements of any potential projects. The advantage of having a Vision ERP consultant on site is that the rest of the team are more than willing to assist in the event of a particularly tricky issue or where the way forward is uncertain.

The team that will support customers in delivering their requirements is made up of:

Matt Bland – Finance Lead and Solution Architect

Matt has come from a background of 11 years in public sector finance and is one of the founding members of Vision ERP. With his in-depth knowledge of Unit4 ERP, he will lead on any solutions to be developed and co-ordinate the team in terms of assigning the appropriate resource to the associated tasks. As a solution architect, he will not only ensure that any solutions are technically sound and make logical business sense, but will also be responsible for making sure that they fit in with the overall architecture of the system and do not invalidate customers’ support with Unit4 in any way. In addition to this, Matt’s wealth of technical IT skills will be of use in the development of complex reports, and his ability to understand systems will be invaluable in the development of interfaces both into and out of Unit4 ERP.

Dave Elbro – Payroll and Integration Lead

Dave is another founding member of Vision ERP. He has worked in Public Sector finance in both the NHS and Local Government, but he has found his true calling as our lead payroll and report writing consultant. Dave has a thorough understanding of UK payroll legislation and can translate this to an efficient Unit4 ERP solution. In particular, Dave has a sound understanding with a common array of pension schemes (Including Local government, and Teachers) and also typical government pay related absence policies. Dave can fully utilise the full range of reporting tools within Unit4 ERP to ensure our customers have accurate and timely information at their fingertips to support their day to day operations and aid in management decision making. He also has a great deal of experience in developing reports to enable interfaces from Unit4 ERP out to other systems and possesses the technical skills to import data into the system. Having an extensive skillset and knowledge base of payroll and reporting and how this links into finance, Dave is a great asset to any customer adopting Payroll as part of an integrated solution.

Matt Twibey – HR Lead

Matt is a qualified HR professional (CIPD) and the third and final founding member of Vision ERP. His background is dealing with people, and his many years as firstly a HR advisor and then as a Unit4 ERP consultant means that he is adept at listening to customers and gathering their requirements, his experience enables him to translate HR policies into ERP processes deploying sound solutions for the HR and training modules of Unit4 ERP. His attention to detail and demand for quality will ensure that our resource is in the right place at the right time to respond to customer’s needs, and that when we complete a piece of work, we leave having provided full documentation and knowledge transfer of a particular solution.

Karl Williams – Finance Consultant

Karl has worked in a Local Government finance role since 1999, before joining Vision ERP as our finance and payroll consultant. With his friendly and approachable manner, coupled with his years of business experience and Unit4 ERP knowledge, Karl will be able to meet with stakeholders to gather the requirements for any new developments or get to the heart of any issues experienced. He will then be able to develop quality solutions for customers in order to improve business processes and help them achieve maximum use of Unit4 ERP.

Dean Anthony – Finance Consultant (Associate)

Dean is a trusted associate of Vision ERP who we draft in to bolster our own resources during times of increased demand. A contractor in his own right, Dean has worked with several Public Sector clients over the years to deliver Unit4 ERP projects. That we have sent him to deal with a client of our independently speaks volumes about the trust we have placed in his ability as a Unit4 ERP consultant. Dean will be used to assist in times where a particular piece of work has additional resource requirements.

Saskia Norris – Build Consultant

Saskia has collected a vast array of experience having been in the payroll industry for over 4 years.

From here she moved onto working with the system, scoping requirements, developing solutions, supporting testing and using Unit4 ERP as an end user. This has helped Saskia gain an in-depth understanding of how the system is used & how it is configured which helps to understand best practice.

In addition to this, Saskia also understands the cross functional elements which come into the HR workstream helping her to understand impacts with conflicting configuration over multiple workstreams

James Vernon – Business Analyst

James has worked with Unit4 ERP for nearly 5 years, focusing predominantly on data migration, hierarchy management, and system implementation and post go-live operational support for HR and Payroll. He has over 10 years experience working in local government HR; developing management information dashboards, evaluating jobs and supporting the harmonisation of terms and conditions, amongst other responsibilities. James is a fully accredited Unit4 consultant and can use adapt the latest functionality and methodology to support your project requirements.

James has an excellent reporting skillset with in-system or report engine (including Xtra reports).