Raven Intel Partnership with Unit4

Raven Intel Partnership with Unit4 Vision ERP

Unit4 have announced that it has entered into a partnership with Raven Intel for service delivery benchmarking and data analysis on customer satisfaction and implementation.

Raven Intel is an independent B2B peer review site amplifying the voice of the cloud enterprise software customer with a focus on the implementation experience, whose mission is to help customers find their perfect implementation consulting partner. Raven Intel is supporting Unit4 to benchmark customer success through reports and data analysis based on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project customer reviews covering key performance indicators such as on-time and on-budget delivery of services.

From the customer reviews already posted, Unit4 is highly rated:

  • Average satisfaction on implementation 8.4 vs 7.1 of the industry
  • 18% more projects are delivered on time compared to the industry
  • The quality of Unit4 consultants and partners is rated 4.5 out of 5

The reviews validate Unit4 being recognized as one of the top three most highly rated ERP systems in 2020 in a SoftwareReviews user survey. Unit4 was named a gold medallist according to ERP software users in SoftwareReviews’ latest Data Quadrant, and awarded top vendor in customer relationship management, vendor support, and ease of data integration. Unit4 also achieved a Net Emotional Footprint score of +84, one of the highest among all vendors, indicating a very positive user sentiment for the company and its ERP solutions.

Mike Ettling, CEO of Unit4 said:

“This is testament to our approach to serving customers and their people. Raven Intel is quickly establishing itself as the leading source of information for those looking for independent intelligence on enterprise software deployments. We want to use this platform as a benchmark to ensure our services continue to lead the industry for services-centric organizations. It’s even more important in challenging times that we are transparent and build trust with customers.”

Bonnie Tinder, Founder & CEO of Raven Intel said:

“Our independent, cross-platform data and powerful analytics capabilities provide constructive evidence-based reporting to Unit4. Benchmarks are delivered against industry-wide measures of customer satisfaction, team quality and performance, scoping accuracy, and implementation process. We’re delighted to deliver actionable insight to Unit4, who is focused on being transparent and open about customer satisfaction and experience.”

This month, Unit4 launched a new Global Partner Program to reward Unit4 partners for capabilities, contributions and customer satisfaction. Raven Intel will help recognize partners and amplify implementation successes.

Vision ERP are looking forward to working with its customers and Raven Intel to help unearth a clearer, more transparent mechanism for choosing a partner. The review are set to assess the quality of the partner implementing the solution and provide honest statistics for future customers.

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