Premier Partnership with Unit4

Our efforts have been recognised!

Over the last few months, we’ve invested sufficient time into our company, and into our workforce. This hasn’t gone un-noticed with Unit4.

What have we done?

Unit4 Accreditation

Our internal consultants have been given the opportunity to bring their theoretical knowledge up-to-speed with their hands on experience of using Unit4 ERP. By taking advantage of the tools made available with Unit4, we have all been able to study and get accredited with the Record to Report (R2R) module of Unit4 ERP. For those that don’t know, this is the foundation of your ERP system so acts as a pre-requisite to any other module. This is a great achievement for the team.

Unit4 ERPx Accredited

Since the launch of the latest ERP platform from Unit4, ERPx, we have invested a lot of time to understand how the system works and how it can benefit new and existing customers. To ensure we understand this Unit4’s standards, we’ve undergone an accreditation in selling this new product so you can be sure you’ll be getting the best of what Unit4 & Vision ERP can offer!

On behalf of Vision ERP, we’d like to thank everybody within the organisation, and those involved at Unit4, who have helped us achieve this status.

Premier Partnership with Unit4 Vision ERP